Chinese School Room App

The Chinese School Room App provides Chinese language lessons such as vocabulary lists, common phrases, and reference materials such as a full English - Chinese dictionary. All words are provided in English, Pinyin and Chinese traditional & simplified characters, with audio playback. New lessons added periodically covering new topics.  This app has been designed for the Windows OS and has an easy to use touch interface.  

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Vocabulary Lessons

Chinese Vocabulary with over 250 words within 18 categories, such as Family, Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Seasons, Animals, Home, etc. New Lessons will be periodically added.

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Common Dialog Lessons

Chinese Common Phrases within 7 categories, such as Greetings, Dinning, Conversation Starters, Shopping, Time, Money, etc.

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Chinese Pronunciation

Full audio pronunciation for all Chinese words. This audio can be replayed to clearly hear the correct chinese pronunciation. Audio is provided for all vocabulary words and even the dictionary search.

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Full English to Chinese Dictionary Search with over 100,000 words available. This application uses the public-domain Chinese-English dictionary provided by CC-CEDICT. CC-CEDICT is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License